How to Properly Care For Leather Boots

When your leather boots get stained it's necessary to not let the stain sit for more than two days. It will set making it harder to remove without discoloring the fabric.

For waterproof leather boots, use a medium to soft bristle brush to remove excess surface dirt. We suggest using a brush exclusively made for cleaning leather. A vegetable brush or toothbrush will also work. Second you are going to want to wipe your boot down with a damp cloth, then let it dry in a cool area.

The Pandore boot (photographed) is made with nubuck, also known as suede leather. To clean nubuck leather boots start with removing the extra surface dirt with a medium to soft bristle brush. When only the stain remains, in a circular motion buff out the stain with a leather buffing bar. Brush away any dirt that starts lifting. If the stain is not coming out, try adding a small amount of water to the buffing bar. Once the stain is fully lifted, smooth back the fabric and let your boots dry in a cool area.

In order for your boots to dry properly store them in a cool, non-humid, room. Keep them away from high heat sources like blow dryers and fireplaces.

A genuine leather boot is a style essential, but if you do not regularly maintain the fabric dirt and moisture from everyday usage can break down the leather. This will cause the leather on your boots to dry up or crumble over time. If your leather boots begin to look dry you can wipe them down with leather conditioner. Doing this routinely should restore the moisture in the leather and prevent further cracking.

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