How to Spot Faux Leather

A lot of consumers make the mistake of believing that because a leather good is labeled as "genuine" that it is authentic leather. When in reality genuine leather is repeatedly used to define commonplace bonded leather. "Genuine" is a term used inconsistently throughout the leather industry, it can be difficult to find leather that is truly legitimate.

To spot faux leather look for a uniform pattern on the fabric. A uniform pattern most likely means the fabric was embossed. Bonded leather is often embossed to appear more like grain, or natural, leather. Natural grain leather is unprocessed or untreated, the fabric should have a minor color variation. If the color of your fabric is solid that could be another sign that the leather is not authentic.

Be smart when purchasing leather goods. Stay one step ahead by looking over the fabric before you buy.

For examples of what natural leather looks like, view our Natural Leather Doorway Flats.

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