How To Mix Textures Into Your Wardrobe

We all have those days, or weeks, where we are stuck in an outfit rut. We spend twice as long trying to find an outfit because we have no clue on what we should wear and feel uninspired by the clothes in our closets. Without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe, repurpose your existing closet by mixing together different textures. When done correctly, mixing fabrics like velvet, denim, animal print, linen, or silk, will add more visual interest to your outfits.
Not sure how to start? Try choosing a color or scheme of colors that look nice together. Stick within that color scheme when you are deciding what textures to wear. Try putting together two textures that you would normally pass on. Any texture you end up picking will compliment each other because of thier coordinating color scheme.
Like the mix of soft leather and metallic grommets on our Farla sandal.The hard and soft textures contrast each other nicely. Pair these sandals with a midi denim pencil skirt and a knit top. You can continue to personalize this look by adding a belt, tights, or your favorite accessory. This is a very simple, basic outfit combination but the difference in textures will make you stand out among the crowd.
Incorporating your favorite textures into your wardrobe can add another level of dimension to your outfits. It is a great way to express more of your personality into your style. There are hundreds of fabric textures and endless outfit combinations you can wear, have fun and experiment!

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