Weatherproofing Your Shoes, What Is The Best Approach?

New York City is notorious for it's innovative fashion. The city is also notorious for it's unpredictable weather. It is a smart idea to check the weather before you decide on what to wear for the day, but you also don't want to let the weather always determine what you are going to wear. Luckily, like any other piece of clothing you can take steps to protect your shoes from being damaged by uncertain weather.

1. The most important practice you can adopt is regularly cleaning your shoes. After wearing them, quickly wipe down your shoes to remove excess moisture. Moisture that is left sitting on your shoes will absorb into the fabric and distort it's shape. Don't forget to clean the inside of the shoe as well. Refreshing the inside of your shoes will prevent them from becoming damp. You can ruin your shoes if too much moisture builds up inside of them.

2. When your shoes are made of leather, there is an extra step. After cleaning them, you'll want to condition the leather. This will help keep the fabric moisturized. You want to keep your leather goods moisturized because when they dry out the material can crack.

3. Skip the conditioning step only if your shoes are not made of leather, then apply a protectant spray or wax. These sprays are widely available online and at your local store. Once your shoes have dried you are ready to show them off.

If maintaining your shoes sounds like too much of an investment for you, consider purchasing shoes with rubber soles. Water slides off rubber easily and does not damage the material. Fortunately we offer our Passport ballet flats with rubber and leather soles.

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