What Makes a Good Waterproof Shoe

With the world’s ever-changing climate, a solid yet versatile waterproof shoe is an essential wardrobe staple for the practical shopper. A steady classic in the French Sole line, the Madison waterproof loafer returns season after season to delight customers with its elegant simplicity and functional charm. Handcrafted in Italy with comfort and reliability in mind, this outstanding loafer features luxurious rainproof leather on a gently cushioned foot bed and flexible rubber sole. With the dual-tassel ornament adding an air of elegance to this highly practical style, one can immediately discern the superb quality of the Madison. So what makes a good waterproof shoe? We asked our production experts about it, and they stated that a few necessary factors must be in place to design a successful weatherproof style.

First, the materials used in the waterproof shoe’s construction must be of a high quality to endure the effects of water damage on the material. Low quality leather may hold up for a few wears in bad weather, but physics will undoubtedly prevail and cause the leather to blister, bubble, peel and flake due to changing temperature and moisture levels. For the sole material; rubber is generally the optimal choice due to its natural waterproofing and high flexibility for a comfortable wear. As for rainproof clothing using quality materials, Weartherain features a superb selection of waterproof rainwear clothing. Summarily, an effective waterproof product must be well-constructed at its core.

Second, all seals and seams must be flush, with no lingering gaps or imperfections. A sub-par or low quality seal creates an opportunity for water to seep through, and we’ve all faced the dreadful outlook for the remainder of our day shortly after stepping into cold wet slush during our morning commute. Third, the waterproof treatment (polyurethane being one example) must be of high quality and expertly applied to the leather. Any leather areas not properly treated will become weak links in the weatherproof chain.

Finally, we must be aware of the limitations of the waterproof shoe style we select for our specific purpose. A waterproof shoe like the Madison will keep your toes dry during a commute or business meeting in inclement weather, but it wouldn’t be well suited for fly fishing in knee-deep water. It lies on the shoulders of production experts to achieve the delicate golden balance between style, comfort and function.

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