When Should You Resole Your Shoes?

We all have that shoe in our closet that we refuse to get rid of. No matter how worn down the sole gets we love them too much to see them go. When the sole of your shoe begins to become uneven if left alone can turn into a hole or worse can cause stress on your joints. Before you decide to finally throw your shoes out, consider resoling them. Watch out for these signs, your shoes might be trying to tell you they need to be resoled.

1. Uneven Wearing on the Sole: If your shoes start to slouch or lean on their own, the sole of your shoe might be uneven. An worn sole can make you more likely to slip on uneven or wet surfaces. When the sole of your shoe is not straight the shoe has less traction and shock absorbency. If you continue to wear shoes with uneven soles, over a long period of time, this can put stress on your lower body and negatively affect the way you walk.

2. Water Damage: Continuously wearing your shoes in the rain, especially if the sole is made of leather, can cause you to have to resole your favorite shoes sooner than later. 

3. The Sole is Starting to Split: The way to tell if the sole of your shoe is splitting, look at the edge of the upper part of the shoe. If the seam where the upper meets the sole is bubbling or becoming loose, then it's time to resole your shoes.

4. There's a Hole in Your Sole: A hole in the sole of your shoe is the most notable sign that the sole needs to be replaced. It can also be a sign that you've waited too long and resoling the shoe is no longer an option. If you can notice that the interior of the shoe has also been damaged, you should consult with a cobbler before moving forward with resoling your shoe.

Not every shoe is made the same so not every shoe can be resoled. When the cost to resole the shoe is more than you purchased the shoe for, resoling it might not be worth the trouble. Most shoes of higher quality like our Italian Suede Bootie Eva can be resoled. If you are unsure whether or not your shoes can be resoled, contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer also might be able to give you a recommendation of a trusted cobbler. When changing a shoe sole it's essential to replace it with a sole of the same quality or better.

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