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French Sole Gift Cards

When you’re running out of holiday gift ideas or looking for easy holiday gifts for the family, grab a French Sole gift card and solidify yourself as the best gift giver in the whole crew! Your loved ones and friends will be able to shop for themselves from their favorite store!

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Nicky Hilton x French Sole

This Fall 2019, French Sole is excited to announce the full release of our Nicky Hilton x French Sole collaboration! An accomplished designer, Nicky Hilton is no stranger to designing apparel, and has produced many successful clothing, accessory, handbag and cosmetics collections.

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French Sole Boutiques

A New York Shoppers' icon since the 1980's, our set of unique Upper East Side boutiques is listed in New York Magazine's "Best Stores in New York" and is editorialized in Elle, InStyle, Vogue, O, Glamour, Lucky, and many other magazines. Discover the world's most exciting collection of ballet flats and fashion comfort from top international designers – many exclusive to this location.

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